Top 10 Reasons To Visit Castles In Ireland

1. Learn A Fascinating History – Many of the Ireland castles that still stand today, wholly or at least in part, have a fascinating history and story behind them. This history may concern the castle or the family that lived in it, and the country has many historic castles that have thrilling stories involved.

2. Stay in A Real Irish Castle – One of the top reasons to visit the castles in Ireland is that many of them have been turned into resorts or inns, and you can actually get a room or suite. You could spend the night in an honest castle, which is not something everyone can brag about. One of these choices is Kinnity Castle, located in County Offaly.

3. Discover Life in The Past – A common reason why a visit to Ireland castles is planned is to discover what life was like in the past. Exploring the halls and rooms of these castles can allow you a look into the past, and help you imagine just how the people lived in the past.

4. Significant Preservation Efforts and Renovations – Many of the castles in Ireland have had significant preservation and restoration work is done on them, so they are extremely safe and structurally sound. Some castles may have been preserved in the original style and fashion, while others have been remodeled and upgraded to function as five-star resorts or inns.

5. Exquisite Gardens and Landscaping – A number of Ireland castles are very popular to visit because of the fabulous landscaping efforts and the lush gardens. Nestled next to the older buildings, the contrast is original and really stands out. Some of these gardens are quite large and cover a substantial portion of the castle grounds.

6. Self-Guided Tours Allow You to Explore – In Ireland, it is possible to take a self-guided tour of many of the castles. These tours do not include a time limit, and you can explore every area open to visitors at your own pace.

7. Incredible Structures and Architecture – Some of the most intriguing medieval architecture can be found in some of the Ireland castles. Turrets, towers, moats, drawbridges, and many other architectural features and structure types can be seen in Ireland simply by visiting some of the castles.

8. Kiss The Famous Blarney Stone – Blarney Village is home to Blarney Castle, which is where the famous Blarney stone is located. If you want to have the gift of a silver tongue you must go upstairs in the castle, hang upside down, and kiss the stone. This stone is a world recognized symbol of Ireland and a popular reason to visit castles in Ireland.

9. Numerous Choices – One of the top reasons why it is a good idea to visit Ireland castles is the sheer number and variety of the choices available. Ireland is a land with many castles, and each one has attractions which make them individual and unique. There is almost no place in the country which is not close to a castle.

10. Visit A Haunted Castle – With a large number of castles in Ireland, it is no surprise that some are rumored to be haunted. The most famous of these is Leap Castle, but there are many others as well. With the violent history that many of these structures have seen, the haunting rumors may be true.